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Thanks @thursday_mornin! We did some fine work together today. More to come. 😎
4 hours 53 min ago
Thanks for the visit @22WICKEDRN and @mnnurses. We will organize, work together and win- and then we'll build Minnesota's bright future.
10 hours 6 min ago
See you all tonight! 🍀💪🏼
10 hours 54 min ago
Every election matters in pursuit of our bright future. That's why I'm supporting Melvin Carter for mayor of St. Paul.
17 hours 39 min ago
The Wellstones embodied the belief that we can use our politics to improve people's lives. Last night we celebrated that legacy.
19 hours 34 min ago
RT @RavMABAY: Dear God. @IlhanMN what can we do to support your community? Standing with you with love and solidarity.…
1 day 11 hours ago
RT @IlhanMN: According to officials, the death toll could be closer to 500 if not more. Imagine bombing Time Square on Saturday night, this…
1 day 11 hours ago
Our thoughts are with Mogadishu.
1 day 12 hours ago
Joined Les Anderson & @mncorn. Talked corn, Ag & health care. Thanks for a great visit & for growing our future. 🌽
1 day 15 hours ago
RT @emmareilly00: Thank YOU! We are so lucky and love supporting you!!#MurphyforMN
2 days 4 hours ago
RT @JackBallou: love this state, love this campaign, love this candidate!!! #brightfuture #MurphyforMN also hi twitter, my hiatus had end…
2 days 4 hours ago
Thanks for all your hard work, @jackballou and @emmareilly00! Alexandria, and MN, are lucky to have you! #mngov
2 days 9 hours ago