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14 hours 34 min ago
I love representing Minnesotans in the #MNHouse. This morning, I am grateful for adjournment, Sine Die. Let's go!
15 hours 29 sec ago
The HHS bill and the people it serves are the casualty of reckless tax cuts. Minnesotans will pay with their health. It is no good. #mnleg
15 hours 23 min ago
"This is not the Minnesota we believe in." say protestors supporting Drivers Licenses for All at the Capitol.
18 hours 19 min ago
Except this one. #rulz
19 hours 36 min ago
Ed Finance contains provisions that, taken together, serve to facilitate union busting. This week is no good for working people. #reset
20 hours 44 min ago
GOP includes pensions with preemption, knowing it will be vetoed. A cruel message to those who have earned a pension with their life's work.
1 day 1 hour ago
I will vote "hell no."
1 day 1 hour ago
Preemption bill includes a "wage theft" provision stealing from workers their ability to protect their wages. GOP majority is anti-worker.
1 day 1 hour ago
RT @SusanKentMN: OESW does tremendous work on a very small budget. Cutting it serves no purpose beyond politics. #mnleg
1 day 2 hours ago
Elimination of the staff for the Office on the Economic Status of Women says everything about the priority of this republican majority.
1 day 3 hours ago