I love our state and I know how capable we are. We have a lot to be proud of and to celebrate. Minnesotans’ hard work and thoughtfulness created communities and a state that, for many, is the best in the nation to go to school, find a job, start a business and raise a family.

But for too many that’s not their reality. Too many of our neighbors are feeling forgotten, working harder than ever just to survive. Too many are at risk of falling further behind, and too many are not getting the opportunities they need to make progress. It hurts all of us. I fear that the results of this long and painful election have the potential to put more families, young people and new Minnesotans in that same position and do more harm.

We need to work together to solve the big challenges ahead of us, instead of chasing short-term fixes that work for our politics but not our future. We need to remember that there is enough of the good life in Minnesota for all of our neighbors, in every community, to enjoy, and work to make that a reality. We need to confront the things that are dividing us; geography, gender, race and class, and recognize that there are others we can’t see or understand. We need to do this because we are in this together and our future depends on the success of each of us.

As the daughter of a union auto worker, I understand the importance of a reliable job that pays a living wage. As a nurse, I saw first-hand the necessity for affordable health care coverage. As the mother of twin girls, I know that we need an education system that prepares every child to be successful and ready to participate in the economy of our future. And as a legislator, I've learned that these things must work together in order to ensure every person has a shot at the good life here in Minnesota.

Minnesotans are too committed to the gains we’ve made together and our shared potential to give up this fight now. Now more than ever we need to be honest about where we are, but we will look forward and tackle this work together. We will look to and listen to each other and fight for solutions that put working families first. We will ensure, not just state, that hard work leads to opportunity. Now more than ever we need to stand up, to keep fighting, to make sure we create the state we’re capable of being and a democracy that is for everyone. It’s time to get to work.

It is in this spirit, and with this challenge in mind, that I am running for governor of our great state. This morning I took the first step in that effort and filed with the state’s Campaign Finance Board. Over the coming months I will continue listening to Minnesotans. I’ll share my story and my plan to help us expand on our successes, with a focus on tackling our challenges straight on.

I look forward to the work ahead.